Roman Brickworks

Accidental Discovery

In 2005, an accidental discovery by archaeologists, unearthed what is believed to be the ancient brickworks which were responsible for producing bricks for some of Rome's greatest monuments, including the Colosseum and the Pantheon . The site was found 80km north of Rome, near the village of Bomarzo and close to the river Tiber (ideal for transporting the bricks to Rome). The dig so far has uncovered two furnaces and thousands of bricks & roof tiles.

Logo Reveals All

The clue that this brickwork was of great significant was found on the bricks that were unearthed. The half moon stamp of the makers, brothers Tullus and Lucanus Domitius, was imprinted on the red bricks found at the dig. These are the same markings that have been found on the bricks of the Colosseum and the Pantheon. In ancient Rome, laws were very strict, so strict that all brickmakers were required (under Roman law) to stamp their product before it could be sold, making them accountable & liable for the quality of buildings bearing their names. Little did they know how valuable & helpful that law would be, two thousand years later.Also found on the bricks was the name, Titus Greius Ianuarius, he was the man responsible for the kiln.To further confirm their findings, archaeologists found a Latin inscription near the dig site reading "Iter privatum duorum Domitiorum" (The private road of the two Domitii).