Lake Garda

Lake Garda ( Lago di Garda) situated between the Alps and the Po Valley is in Northern Italy and has a surface area of 37kms, making it the largest lake in Italy. Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo are the five major lakes that make up the area known as the Lake District in the nothern area of Italy. The lakes were formed during the Ice Age due to movement of glaciers from the Alps. The movement created deep valleys in soft rock areas below the Alps, creating a path for the ice. The ice caught in the valley floors melted to form the lakes.
Lake Garda is a popular tourist destination for those who like to water-ski, sail and enjoy a castle or two. With a backdrop of the Dolomites and Lake Garda offers a stunning and beautiful setting. The best time to stroll along the banks of the lake is in the late afternoon when the sun begins to set. Curious swans will often swim close to the shoreline in hope of a feed. In Autumn the sun filters through the trees , the fallen leaves crackle under your feet and the snow capped Alps shadow the lake.  

Interesting Information About Lake Garda

The medieval town of Riva clings close to the rock face and is enclosed by ancient walls. In the cobbled street town of Malcesine their is a cable car which takes you high on top of Monte Baldo. From the peak you have a spectacular views of the lake.